Blackshear provides a well-rounded educational experience in a safe instructional environment, conducive to positive learning experiences in which every individual is treated with dignity and respect. Each morning, students focus on instructional academic programming that is rigorously aligned with AISD standards across all grade levels. Blackshear also provides supplemental curriculum that is administerd by the teachers to reinforce their math and reading skills. 


Math Facts/ Skills: Formative Loop

"Daily math practice is not a new concept. It has been part of classrooms for decades and has proven effective over time. While Formative Loop takes a unique digital approach to make running a daily individualized program easy, we built upon that existing methodology in designing much of our program. Digital programs are excellent additions to the classroom, but we believe strongly in the benefits of pencil-paper practice. Our program uses technology where it fits best in managing the program while providing students the mechanical practice of number formation and showing their work on paper." - Formative Loop Website

"We love this program. This is a great math tool that lets students go at their own pace. Their math scores have improved tremendously thanks to this program." 

-Ginger B, District Staff

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